25th Stockport Rapidplay
Sunday, 6th February, 2011
An ECF and Midlands U150 RP Grand Prix Event

The 2011 event was the 25th annual Rapidplay organised by Stockport Chess Club. There were 160 players competing on the day which was 18 more than last year with increased numbers in the Major, Intermediate and Minor. To add a novelty to the anniversary a raffle was held for a glass chess set and board which was well supported.

The Open was very strong with 11 players out of the 21 being graded over 190. A. Beardsworth came first with 5½, second was Alan Walton (3Cs) 5pts. The highest placed Stockport League players were Alex Longson (3Cs/Marple), Andy Reeve (Stockport) & Robert Shaw (High Peak) 3½.

In the Major there were 48 players, including 14 Stockport League Registered. First prize was won outright by J Rita with 5½. The highest placed Stockport League players were Karl Lockett (Altrincham) 4½ and Mike Tunstall (Stockport) 4. Karl Lockett won the Stockport League Trophy for the second year running.

In the Intermediate there were 45 competitors with 17 Stockport League registered. First prize was shared by B Brown (Clitheroe) and Ben Scattergood (Holmes Chapel) with 5. The Stockport League Trophy was awarded to D Jones (Wilmslow) with 4½ after a tie-break from 3 others, D Preen (Stockport), M Renshaw (High Peak) and S Rush because he was firstly the equal lowest graded and secondly had the highest accumulated score.

In the Minor there were 46 competitors with 11 Stockport League registered. First prize was shared by J Boswell (Cheddleton & Leek) and G Jones with 5. The U95 prize was shared by D Fisher (Bury), B Slater (Bolton) and P Tunnah (East Cheshire) with 4½. S Broughton and S Hayman(3Cs) shared the UG prize with 4½ and S Hayman (3Cs) also won the U15 yrs prize. The Stockport League Trophy was won by P Tunnah (East Cheshire) with 4½ who also shared the Veterans prize with D Preen (Stockport).

The Organisers would like to thank those who donated and the Controllors, Rod Middleton in the Open and Major, Ray Bradney and Dave Biddulph in the Intermediate and John Wain and Peter Taylor in the Minor.


21 competitors

Position Player Club Score
1stBeardsworth A
2ndWalton A3Cs5
3rd=Surtees MBolton4
Webb MBradford
5th=Hague BOldham
Longson A3Cs / Marple
Reeve AStockport
Shaw RHigh Peak
9th=Jaunooby A3Cs / Denton3
Whitfield CCheddleton & Leek
Bak ABradford
U190Webb MBradford4

48 Competitors

Position Player Club Score
1stRita J
2nd= Jones SPadgate5
Stoker A
4th=Farshad APhoenix
Lockett KAltrincham
6th=Barnaby NBolton4
Corcoran CBradford
Hall JBolton
Hesford MEccles
McCarthy DPadgate
Ramsey PEast Cheshire
Ruffle ABirmingham
Tunstall MStockport
14th=Conner MGt Lever / Atherton
Fletcher PSheffield
Laurence GMacclesfield
Manton J3Cs
Walsh MLeyland
U151Farshad APhoenix4
Stockport League TrophyLockett KAltrincham

45 Competitors

Position Player Club Score
1st=Brown BClitheroe5
Scattergood BHolmes Chapel
3rd=Hiley CRugeley
Jones DWilmslow
Preen DStockport
Renshaw MHigh Peak
Rush SStockport
8th=Ahmad IDenton4
Bamford PEast Cheshire
Meakin ARugeley
Taylor JMacclesfield
12th=Akbas E
Cattermole PMacclesfield
Colledge DCalderdale
Dunne DWest Nottingham
Holt DDenton
Jowett C
Kitshoff JCulcheth & Lymm
Warhurst RWilmslow
U125=Jones DWilmslow
Renshaw MHigh Peak
Stockport League TrophyJones DWilmslow
VeteranPreen DStockport

46 Competitors

Position Player Club Score
1st=Boswell JCheddleton & Leek5
Jones G
3rd=Broughton R
Fisher DBury
Hayman S3Cs
McCrann CWrexham
Tunnah PEast Cheshire
8th=Glover GCrusaders4
Jackson PRugeley
Kelly T
Slater BBolton
12th=Alms ENorthwich
Carroll A
Healings JCheddleton & Leek
Hilton T3Cs
Hodgson KBramhall
Power JGrappenhall
Reyes JChorlton
Robson TMacclesfield
Thomas TMarple
Virgin JWorsley
U95=Fisher DBury
Slater BBolton
Tunnah PEast Cheshire
UG=Broughton R
Hayman S3Cs
U15yrsHayman S3Cs
Stockport League TrophyTunnah PEast Cheshire
VeteranTunnah PEast Cheshire