26th Stockport Rapidplay
Sunday 5th February, 2012
An ECF and Midlands U150 RP Grand Prix Event

The Individual Rapidplay was held at the Masonic Guildhall, Stockport, on the 5th February 2012 as part of the 26th annual Rapidplay organised by Stockport Chess Club.  The severe bad weather reduced the numbers, but there were still 130 hardy souls competing on the day, which was 30 less than last year.

The next Stockport Rapidplay will be on Sunday 27th January, 2013.


The Open was again very strong with 8 out of the 17 being graded over 190.  A Beardsworth came first for the second year in a row with 5½.  Second equal were Andy Reeve (Stockport) and Mike Surtees (Bolton) with 4½.  The U180 prize was won by Phil Adams (3Cs) with 3½.  The highest placed Stockport League players were Andy Reeve (Stockport) with 4½ and Robert Shaw (Buxton) with 3½.


In the Major there were 46 players including 18 Stockport League registered.  First prize was shared by B Brown (Clitheroe) and M Burns (Stockport) with 5½.  The U151 prize was shared by S Hewitt (Marple), G Laurence (Macclesfield) and D McCarthy (Padgate & Widnes) with 4.  The highest placed Stockport League players were M Burns with 5½ and Mike Tunstall with 4½, both Stockport.  M Burns won the Stockport League Trophy with 5½.


In the Intermediate there were 27 competitors (21 fewer than last year!) with 7 Stockport League registered.  First prize was won by A Horton (3Cs) with 5½.  The U120 prize was won by P May (Amber Valley) with 4.  The best Stockport League players were Phythian G (Chorlton) with 4½ and J Kelly (Stockport) with 3½.  The Stockport League Trophy was awarded to G Phythian (Chorlton) with 4½.


In the Minor there were 40 competitors with 7 Stockport League Registered.  First prize was won by K Moorcroft (3Cs) with 5½.  The U95 prize was won by B Kerton (3Cs) with 4½.  T Green, S Hopkins (Urmston) and R McClean (3Cs) shared the UG prize with 4.  T Green and D Manton (3Cs) shared the under 18 years prize with 4.  J Power (3Cs) won the under 12 years prize with 4½.  The Stockport League Trophy and Veterans prizes were won by G Lea (Stockport) with 5.


The Organisers would like to thank the Controllors:

The Organisers also wish to thank the following for the donations that they made:


17 competitors

Position Player Club Score
1stBeardsworth A
2nd=Reeve AStockport
Surtees MBolton
4thHanley J4
5th=Adams P3Cs
Jackson O
Shaw RBuxton
8th=Arkell KHeywood3
Burke M3Cs
Gruca MWidnes
Smith AStockport
U180Adams P3Cs

46 Competitors - under 170

Position Player Club Score
1st=Brown BClitheroe
Burns M Stockport
3rd=Kane BAigburth
Martin M Widnes & Wallasey
Tunstall M Stockport
Walsh J Leyland & Clitheroe
7th=Hewitt SMarple4
Laurence G Macclesfield
Lockett K Altrincham
Manton J 3Cs
McCarthy D Padgate & Widnes
Olbison P Chorlton
Sheppard D Stockport
13th=Hilton T3Cs
Hopkins J Urmston
Horton J 3Cs
Mason J Stockport
O’Rourke W Heywood
Potter S St. Helens
Scattergood B Holmes Chapel
Walsh M Leyland & Clitheroe
21st=Barnaby NBolton3
Brine P Wallasey
Connor M Great Lever & Widnes
French M Widnes
Patrick D Courier
Winter K Bingley
U151=Hewitt SMarple4
Laurence GMacclesfield
McCarthy D Padgate & Widnes
Stockport League Trophy Burns M Stockport

27 Competitors - under 140

Position Player Club Score
1stHorton A3Cs
2ndSeary PBare Village5
3rd=Constantine MChorlton
Phythian G Chorlton
5th=Atkinson RWombwell4
Clucas R Altrincham & Hale
Kitshoff J Culcheth & Lymm
May P Amber Valley
9th=Colledge DCourier
Kelly J Stockport
11th=Jalini M3
King P Stockport
Reyes J Urmston
Riddoch A Maidstone
Tinton R Leyland
Tunnah P East Cheshire
Warhurst R Wilmslow
Whitehead G Salford
U120 May P Amber Valley 4
Stockport League Trophy Phythian G Chorlton

40 Competitors - under 110

Position Player Club Score
1stMoorcroft K3Cs
2nd=Flaherty NBramhall5
Lea G Stockport
4th=Abbas A3Cs
Kerton B3Cs
Power J3Cs
Redmond NBradford
7th=Green T4
Hopkins SUrmston
Kitshoff ACulcheth & Lymm
Manton D3Cs
McClean R3Cs
Scattergood GHolmes Chapel
13th=Alms ENorthwich
Carroll A
Gupta S
Prime A Stockport
17th=Beardmore SCheddleton & Leek3
Dainty N Marple
Hall B 3Cs
Hamilton S Rhyl & Prestatyn
Hindley L Eccles
Kerton C 3Cs
Marsden D Moston
McCrann C
Rushton T
Ward S Altrincham & Hale
U95Kerton B3Cs
Ungraded=Green T4
Hopkins SUrmston
McClean R3Cs
U18 years=Green T4
Manton D3Cs
U12 yearsPower J3Cs
Veteran Lea G Stockport 5
Stockport League Trophy Lea G Stockport 5