29th Stockport Rapidplay
Sunday 25th January, 2015
An ECF and Midlands U150 RP Grand Prix Event
The next Stockport Rapidplay is scheduled for Sunday 31st January 2016.

The Individual Rapidplay was held at the Alma Lodge Hotel on 25th January 2015 as part of the 29th Rapidplay organised by Stockport Chess Club. There were 152 entries which was I more than last year.


The Open was smaller than usual but still a strong section, the other sections all had increased numbers. It was won by Adam Ashton (Urmston) with a maximum 6 points.


In the Major there were 37 players with 9 SL registered. First prize was won by J Rita (3Cs) with 5½. Harry Lamb (Bolton) was second with 5. Third place was shared between 3 players. The U150 prize went to D Hartley (Amber Valley) with 4 ½. George Kolbusz (Denton) won the SL Trophy with 4½.


In the Intermediate there were 50 players with 10 SL registered. G George (Wrexham) won first prize with 5 ½. J Yang (Chester) was second with 5 and 3 players shared 3rd place. The U130 and U120 prizes were each shared by 3 players with 4 and the U18yrs prize was shared by 2 players. The SL Trophy was won by David Preen (Marple) on a tie break from Reg Clucas (Altrincham & Hale) with 4.


In the Minor there were 47 players with16 SL registered. S Crockett (no club) was first with a maximum 6. Second and third prizes were shared by John Bennett (Stockport) and G whitehead (Eccles) with 5. The U100 prize was won by R Tinton (Leyland) with 4 ½, the U85 by E Lesnik (Denton) and E Scattergood (no club) with 3½, the UG by M Urhegyi.(no club) with 4½ and the U18yrs by A Chawda and J Yang (both Chester) with 3. The SL Trophy went to J Pomeroy (Macclesfield) on a tie break from John Kelly (Stockport) with 4 ½.


The Veteran prize went to George Kolbusz (Denton) with 4½.


The Buxton prize (donated by Buxton chess club which sadly ceased to exist after the end of last season) was won.by John Kelly (Stockport) with 4 ½.


The organisers would like to thank those who gave donations and the Controllors, Fiona Green (Open) ,Rod Middleton (Major), John Wain and Ray Bradney (Intermediate) and Jeff Mason and Peter Taylor (Minor) who ensured the event ran smoothly.

Open (16 competitors)
1stAshton, AUrmston6
2McPhillips, JBolton
3Horton, A3Cs
5=Hilton, TDenton
Jones, SPadgate
McDonagh, MChester
Olbison, PChorlton
Surtees, MBolton
10=Caberoy, PAshfield3
Pousada, DBolton
12=Beardsworth, A
Reeve, AStockport
14Talbot, MWigan Knights2
15=Cattermole, PMacclesfield
Hall, JBolton
16Talbot, NWigan Knights½
U190=Hilton, TDenton
McDonagh, MChester
Olbison, PChorlton
Minor (47 competitors)
1stCrockett, S6
2=Bennett, JStockport5
Whitehead, GEccles
4=Kelly, JStockport
Pomeroy, JMacclesfield
Tinton, RLeyland
Urhegyi, M
8=Light, JLeeds4
Price, DCrewe
Renshaw, MMacclesfield
Shaughnessy, PUrmston
13=Crompton, BPensby
Cutts, M
Fulthorpe, BLeeds
Heard, P
Nixon, T
Scattergood, E
Vaughan, IEast Cheshire
21=Bell, GUrmston3
Buckley, DBushbury
Chawda, AChester
Jacobson, BStockport
Khan, BMacclesfield
Slater, BBolton
Thorp, DHeywood
Yang, JChester
31=Clucas, DAltrincham & Hale
Fisher, DBury
Fasczowy, K
Hall, LCrewe
Harkanyi, AChester
Kitie, EChester
37=Curr, PMacclesfield
Harkanyi, GChester
Nixon, L
Tomas, TMarple
Wang, TStockport
42=Jacobson, JAshton
Rutter, A
44=Chatys, TAshton
Razzak, A
Renshaw, AMacclesfield
47Rushton, T0
U100Tinton, RLeyland
U85=Lesnik, EDenton
Scattergood, E
UGUrhegyi, M
U18yrs=Chawda, AChester3
Yang, JChester
SL TrophyPomeroy, JMacclesfield
VeteranKolbusz, GDenton
BuxtonKelly, JStockport