30th Stockport Rapidplay
Sunday 31st January, 2016
An ECF and Midlands U150 RP Grand Prix Event
The next Stockport Rapidplay is scheduled for Sunday 29th January 2017.

The Individual Rapidplay was held at the Davenport Hotel on 31st January 2016 as part of the 30th Rapidplay organised by Stockport chess club. There were 134 entries which was a much lower number than usual.


In the Open there were only 12 players perhaps due to the 4NCL putting a week-end tournament on the same date in Birmingham. It was won jointly by Joseph McPhillips (Bolton) and Robert Shaw (Macclesfield) with 4½.


In the Major there were 35 players with 9 SL registered. First prize was won by Nicholas Martin (Widnes/Hoylake) with 5. The U154 prize was shared by Martin Burns, Neil Coward and Kenny Quinn (Preston) with 4.

Colin Davison (Macclesfield) won the SL Trophy with 4½.


In the Intermediate there were 37 players with 7 SL registered. First prize was won by Lipka Piotra (Liverpool) with 5½. The U125 prize was shared by Mark Birch and George Harman (Worsley) with 4½.

Anthony Prime (Stockport) won the SL trophy with 3½ on a tie break from Francis Moan (Denton)


In the Minor there were 44 players with 15 SLregistered.First place was shared by Holly Jacobson (3Cs), John Kelly (Stockport), Greg O’Connor (Stockport) and George Scattergood (holmes Chapel) with 5 each. The U100 prize was won by Greg O’Connor (Stockport) with 5. The U 80 prize was won jointly by Richard Bohm (Bolton), Ethan Gardiner, Greg Harkanyi (Chester) and Rachel Horton (3Cs) with 3. The U18yr prize was won by Holly Jacobson (3Cs) with 5 and the U 11yr by Greg Harkanyi ((Chester) with 3.


The Veteran prize was won by Eric Lesnik (Denton) with 4½.

SL Trophy

The SL Trophy went to George Scattergood (Holmes chapel) with 5 on a tie-break from John Kelly (Stockport) and Greg O’Connor (Stockport). George also won the Buxton prize.


The organisers would like to thank those players who gave donations and the Controllors, Rod Middleton in the Open, Fiona green in the Major, John Wain and Ray Bradney in the Intermediate and Peter Taylor and Jeff Mason in the Minor.


A full list of results can be downloaded from here