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35th Stockport Rapidplay Congress, 2023

Took place on Sunday 29th January 2023 at The Guildhall in Stockport


Photos of the 2023 event used with permission from Vadym Skakun


We welcomed 119 players to the Congress in 2023, competing in four sections, and over £1,600 was won in prizes.

10 players competed in the Open Section which was won by Nigel Davies with a perfect 6/6, and Allan Beardsworth and Edward Jackson shared 2nd place with 4/6. The grading prize (under 2000) was won by Chris Jardine with 3/6.

18 players competed in the Major Section. Tetsuaki Sanada won with 5/6 (also winning the Stockport League Trophy), and David Burgess and Chris Vassiliou shared 2nd place a half-point behind on 4.5/6. The grading prize (under 1820) was split 5 ways between players on 3.5/6

34 players competed in the Intermediate Section. Alan Riddoch won with a perfect 6/6 followed by Mohammed Khan in 2nd on 5.5/6 and Trevor Woodfinden in 3rd on 5/6. The under-1600 grading prize was won by David Johnson with 4.5/6

The Stockport League Trophy in the Intermediate was won by Andrew Beswick with 3/6

The Minor Section saw 57 players compete. 1st place was shared between Phil Shaughnessy (also Stockport League Trophy winner) and Philip Smith on 5.5/6 with Richard Lunt in 3rd on 5/6.

Grading prizes were won with 4.5/6 by Paul Ashton (under 1350) and Mahin Rughani (under 1250). The prize for best UG player was won by Anastasios Giorgi with 4.5/6

The junior prize (under 18) was shared by Ben Woodfinden and Grieg Ichim on 4/6, and the Under-14 prize by Bryony Eccleston, also with 4/6.

The Veteran Prize (highest scoring veteran in all sections) was won by Steven Kelly of East Cheshire, with 4/6 in the Minor.


Full results from all sections can be found by following the links below to the ECF Rating website: