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Stockport Chess Club Ladder Tournament

An internal club tournament for members


The Stockport Ladder is an internal club tournament designed to help new and old players to scratch their competitive chess itch in a friendly environment whilst having fun and meeting new people.

The first season will run from 1st Feb to 31st July 2024.

Each ‘season’ the starting ladder position will be based on ECF / estimated ratings. New people can join the ladder any time but will always start at the bottom of the ladder with 0 points.

Come along to club night and play any opponent who is also registered for the ladder, making sure to record the results on the paper provided. Only games that finish before 10pm will be counted. Feel free to play any time control you like, with or without the clock, and as many games as you can fit into the night - it’s entirely up to you and your opponents!

Points System

Points are scored based on each game result:

  • Winner gets 100 points for the win, + 10 points for every rung higher their opponent is on the ladder
  • The loser gets 0 points
  • In the case of a draw the points gained is half the value of a win

 For example, Mikhail Tal is in position 5 and plays against Magnus Carlsen in position 3 scoring a crushing victory despite a dubious queen sacrifice! Mikhail won and Magnus is 2 positions higher on the ladder so Mikhail wins 120 points, and Magnus wins 0.

At the same time, Anish Giri in position 4, plays Rashid Nezhmetdinov in position 1 and eeks out a famous Giri draw. Anish gets 65 points (50 for the draw plus 15 because Super Nezh is 3 places higher) and Rashid gets 50 points for the draw.

Crowning the Winner

At the end of each month, the ladder is reset! Everyone's position is changed based on the number of points scored in the month, and points are reset to 0. The person with the highest points per game in the month will also win a cash prize of £5. To qualify for this, you must have played at least 3 different opponents. In the case of a tie, the player with the best individual result will win.

At the end of the season the champion is crowned! The Championship winner is the player that has the highest points per game over the entire season. The winner of the season championship will win £50 cash and the respect of all those around!

Using the average points per game will ensure that there is no advantage to playing 20 games of bullet on a night, instead of 1 or 2 slower paced games, and means that even people who join late into the season have a chance of winning.

To be eligible to win the championship, you must have played in at least 3 months of the season. In addition, you must have played at least 3 different opponents in that month.

To join in, simply speak to Phil Clare on a Tuesday night.


Phil Clare

New Member Liaison

In addition to being the captain of the Limit League team, Phil is the designated liaison for new members and it's in this role that he has organised the Stockport Chess Club Ladder to provide a competition accessible to new and old members alike.